The project goal is to design a vibrant complementary addition to Turku’s city centre which brings the people of Turku closer to the sea and new life to the harbour area. Our approach is to work closely with existing characteristics of Linnanniemi and develop diverse range of easily accessible public urban spaces.


The lively outdoor environments together with the new ferry Terminal, the Cultural House, Aura Spa and Harbor Hotel, outdoor and indoor sport facilities, medical ward as well as offices, meeting and conference rooms the tip of Linnanniemi will create an attractive entrance to the city - the city that is lively all year round.


Linnanniemi is set in a strategic point within the city of Turku. We want to use this potential to easier connect to the city centre, the terminal area, the islands and the area east of the Aura River.

In order to make the neighbourhood and surroundings more accessible we strengthen public transport and introduce attractive pedestrian and bike routes. Cars can still drive through but the focus lays on the other more space efficient modes of transport.


Furthermore, the riverfront promenade from the inner city will be extended all along the shore right to the terminal area which becomes the new main entrance to the city.


Tram Promenad.jpg
Urban Baths.jpg

The infrastructure and the new buildings are raised for protection against the sea level rise while green spaces in between the roads and built environment lay on a lower level to take up the stormwater during heavy rainfall. Linnanniemi transforms to become a beloved part of Turku’s inner city.

Residential Promenad.jpg

The Sea-promenade connects this area to the city centre while passing by the Museum of History and the Future, the Forum Marinum and different public places. The tram, boat busses and city busses link the area throughout the city while extended pedestrian and bike paths promote the most sustainable modes of transport.

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Winter Shoreline.jpg