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Green Zipper Story

Arriving - by car, bus or bike – it seems unclear when one actually gets into the settlement. Spread out groups of houses and poor signage result in unreadable village-entrances.

he placing of gates at the entrances will clarify where the settlement starts and welcomes inhabitants and guests.


Bjärred and Borgeby are understood as merging communities. One gate is placed north of Borgeby for traffic coming from/ going to Löddeköpinge/Landskrona, one gate is situated south of Bjärred serving Lomma and the gate “Dammporten” - which lays within the development area – is dedicated to traffic from/to Lund. A fourth gate is planned for the future when a public transport corridor will be established in Bjärred’s northwest which connects to the highway E6. All the gates offer a variety of basic services such as bike-parking, bike rental, bike repair/ workshop, free car parking (car pool solution can be integrated in a later stage), bus stop, toilet and recycling station.

Even though Bjärred is located in the countryside with a lot of surrounding greenery there is a lack of accessible green space. Especially in the eastern part of the community where there is also a lack of paths and connections to Borgeby. The project area is set exactly here and can therefore have a big impact on both inhabitants of Borgeby and Bjärred. We focus on linking both communities but keeping the distinct differences and unique qualities.

Stretching from “Dammporten” gate to a future gate in the north-west a new park will be established – the Green Zipper.

With the Green Zipper we introduce an extensive and continuous park that links to the existing green spaces “Domedejla mosse”, “Plommonskogen” and “Otto Pers gård”. It offers a variety of different green qualities like forest, meadows and fields and is directly connected to green spaces outside of the project area.


The topography allows for a continuous blue spine including streams, marshes and ponds finding its way through the Green Zipper. The green corridor offers ecological services (for example storm water management), is a habitat for animals and a recreational space for people. The adjoining farmland towards the east and northwest is visually separated from the park through a colonnade of trees which also helps to define the outline of the settlement and protects from strong winds.


A main path for bikes and pedestrians follows the blue spine though the park. Secondary bike and pedestrian ways cross the main path and connect Borgeby to Bjärred. Additional paths will be established from the gates to the centre and the future train station. This new ways link to the existing bike and pedestrian system. Pedestrian and bikeways will also be given priority when crossing trafficked roads to make it more comfortable to use those modes of transport. Additionally this will help to reduce the barrier feeling at big roads like Österleden or Fjelievägen.

The new neighbourhoods can be reached by motorized traffic but most of the roads will be one direction to leave more space for bikes and pedestrians. Within the residential block areas street parking is provided while parking is solved on each plot in the villa neighbourhoods. The school, the elderly home and the gates get separate parking lots. In regard to public transport new bus stops will be established at the gates on the way into/from Bjärred and a new bus stop will be placed at the “Domedejla”-neighbourhood.

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