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1. Potential phases of development.
Recognize possibilities of future development in connection with the surrounding environment. 

2. Define the site.
The flow of pedestrians, bicycles, cars & buses define the edges of the site.



3. Active pockets.
Currently, Isbergs gata boarders a series of active pockets to the east. The pockets continue to further define the shape of the building and adds an activating element to the street with its green public spaces and commercial functions.


4. Build strong identity. 
The building is set to create a strong identity of a new gateway to the dock, connected to the surrounding environment’s character and skyline. 

5. Demolish and recycle.
Material from the existing building will be recycled in the construction of the new building. 

6. Upgrade existing environment.
The building is connected to the green pockets to the west and a new harbour promenade to the east. The plaza-like shared traffic area with priority for pedestrians and cyclists makes it easier and safer to cross Isbergs gata and reach the bus stop or continue towards the western harbour.



7. Building for the people of Malmö.
The height of the base volume aligns with the neighbouring buildings and will contain public and commercial functions such as shops, cafés, restaurants, meeting places and museums/galleries.

Kranen 6.5.jpg

8. Invite people and light into the building. 
A partially elevated walkway along the perimeter of the building creates inviting entrances and gathering spaces: green front plaza, public seating, restaurant terrace and elevated walkway along the water. The glazed facade and atrium in the core of the volume bring the light inside the building.

9. Form.
The office tower is placed in the northeast corner to maintain the scale of the homogenous street space of Stora Varvsgatan. It is divided in three segments that aligns with the height of the four dominant buildings in the area. 


10. Materiality.
Recycled brick is used for the base of the volume to reflect and preserve some of the site’s history and to relate to the neighbouring buildings. Light aluminium fins function as sun protection and express the architectural quality of the high-rises in Malmö.

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