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The project is set within the picturesque rural landscape of southern Sweden. “Snaven” is the local name of the site and became the name of the project itself. Although the meaning of the word remained hidden, the qualities of the surroundings are obvious:

Two old buildings in the traditional building style (“skånelänga”: long small houses with a gabble-roof, typical for southern Sweden), an open forest landscape sloping down towards an agricultural field which is cut by a river, surrounding pine forest and meadows characterize the place.


The new house is set behind the existing buildings at the end of the street leading to the site. Partially hidden within the trees, Snaven orients itself along the edge of the slope. This allows the long sides of the house to face either towards southwest for the best evening/afternoon sunlight or face northeast with views towards the river and agricultural field. 

The studio/workplace volume is over-height and the roof is shaped in relation to the two existing buildings on the site while the rest of the house is low-key with a flat roof that almost disappears among the trees. Snaven does not want to stick out but rather relates to the surroundings and becomes part of the landscape.


The flat roof is accessible from the studio space and skylights offer light to the rooms. Another more prominent skylight is place on top of the studio roof and oriented towards north. This allows for neutral light to fill the space.


Snaven offers modern living in close relation to the surrounding landscape and its history.

Reacting to the surrounding trees the house meanders through them which opens up for different views from inside to the surrounding landscape.

The basic shape of the house relates to the traditional “skånelänga” with its long and small volume but is angled according to the trees. The length is defined by the program.

The interior is divided in distinct zones. A central core where one enters the building and which is the heart of Snaven. Entrance, living room with fireplace and kitchen are set here. This part of the building is open and transparent. Left from the entrance is a studio/ working space while a corridor leads from the core through the passive zone to the eastern part of Snaven. The passive zone inherits bedrooms, toilets and guestrooms while the east part offers space for a sauna and a gym.

There is a terrace along the whole north-eastern façade overlooking the river-valley and connecting to the outdoor pool.

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